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Special Thanks

Tardu’s works, the outcome of an accumulation spanning over many years, which he devoted his life to with his entire being and sincerity,

will exist for the first time in front of an audience with this exhibition.


I thank from the bottom of my heart

Reha Erdem, Nilüfer Güngörmüş Erdem, and Canan Bozdağ for encouraging me to let this collection, the fruit a product of an intense cognitive and physical effort, have its rightful place in the tree of life we call art; without their  and without whose persistent support, this project would never have been able to come to fruition.


I thank Nevzat Sayın for his dedicated support on the the exhibiton space design and Hakkı Mısırlıoğlu for creating the identity of all visual material.


I thank Murat Özyeğin for his contributions,

which helped this exhibition come to life.


I will forever be grateful for the precious support of Ahmet Güntan, Osman Uslu, , Aslı Alemdaroğlu, Görgün Taner, Bige Örer, Canan Ergüder, Melis Balkan, Cengiz Balkan, Faruk Kaptan, Lize Karaboğa Kaptan, Peri Okan, Yavuz Çelenk, Mehmet Ince, Ömer Aygün, Ömer Ahunbay, Sezen Köroğlu, Kadir Ateş, Uygur Yılmaz, Cemal Noyan, Ferda Uslu, Kiraz Erdem, Çağla Güngörmüş, Meltem Erkaan, Fuat Elman, Metehan Çelik, Tepta Aydınlatma, Promat, Imaj, Café City Yayıinları and Urban Iİletişim.


And finally, I sincerely thank Beral Madra and Nazan Ölçer

for the mind expanding and stimulating chats.


Faika Ergüder Kuman

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